Andrews & Wilson is honored to partner with Bonefrog Coffee—a veteran-owned and operated premium, small-batch coffee roastery located in the Pacific Northwest. Founded by former Navy SEAL, Tim Cruickshank, Bonefrog Coffee is a tribute to the "brotherhood" of all those who served in the Naval Special Warfare community as well as all Americans who served in the US Armed Forces. At Bonefrog, giving is the mission, and a of all proceeds to these important organizations.

Sons of Valor Specialty Blend is roasted and packed in the USA. At Bonefrog, giving is the mission. 100% of A&W proceeds from this joint venture are donated to veteran causes and non-profits supported by Bonefrog Coffee.

Blend Notes

Our Sons of Valor specialty blend is rich and complex, with notes of Baker's chocolate, Graham cracker, and nutty undertones. This blend incorporates beans from Central and South America, resulting in a medium to dark, full-flavored blend with a smooth finish.

Characteristics: Baker's chocolate / Graham cracker / Nutty undertones
Primary origins: Central America / South America